July 15 Road Report

Mareeba to Weipa

A good reminder to be cautious when driving along these roads as early morning brings out the wildlife, plain turkeys, wallabies, pigs and eagles.

Mareeba to Laura - bitumen is all good, no road works or delays.

Laura to Musgrave - There are 5 stretches of dirt. The first 2 stretches are reasonably good, however, beware for dust holes. The 3rd stretch is a little chopped up with sandy patches. The 4th stretch, just after Hahn River at Dead Horse Creek, be aware on the Musgrave side as there is a massive dust hole, the rest of the dirt road was corrugated and sandy patches, it is pretty average. At the beginning of the 5th stretch, as leaving the bitumen there is a large dust hole, please take caution. Be aware of dust holes around the concrete flood ways as some are signed and others are not.

The trouble with dust holes is that you dont know they are there until you have hit them and they can cause a lot of damage!

Musgrave to Coen - There are 3 stretches of dirt. 1st stretch is corrugated but not too bad, there is road works underway around Bamboo Range, be sure to take caution and be prepared to stop as the detour is active. 2nd stretch seems to be badly corrugated and consists of sharp bends. Watch your speed around these bends as the corrugation mixed with speed tends to get ugly really quick. There are more roadworks towards the last quarter of the 2nd stretch. At the 3rd stretch of dirt there is a creek crossing about 200m off the bitumen, it has been washed out over the wet season and has been built up with large rocks, take caution entering and exiting. The remainder of dirt is corrugated and rough.

Coen to Archer River - There are 3 stretches of dirt. 1st and 2nd stretches are an ordinary drive due to the road conditions and traffic. There are some dust holes, soft dusty edges and heavy dust following traffic. The Cape Road is challenging its visitors yet again, we passed a group of unlucky travellers with a broken axel on their camper trailer on this section of dirt, please be sure to slow down to keep the dust down. The 3rd stretch holds a lot of gullies, large holes and more corrugation, take care on entry and exit to these gully crossings, also be aware of large protruding boulders that have just their head poking through the dirt road, they can be very dangerous.

Make sure you take a break at Archer River Road House and do yourself a favour with an Archer River Burger! They are delicious!

Archer River to Weipa On the 1st stretch of dirt there are some road works, take caution. The 2nd and 3rd sections are average for the rest of the drive with the 4th section being a bit chopped up with large corrugations. Once at the Myall Creek bridge its all bitumen until you reach the Rio Tinto boundary, from the boundary in to Weipa please take caution as dirt road is very corrugated with long sweeping bends and loose gravel on top, this tends to feel very loose behind the wheel.

Remember, lights on always and please respect the dirt road!

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