Soft Plastic & Jig Fitting

What size Soft Plastic fit what size of Jig head

Fishing Condition is always different. Weather, Current, Depth, Temperature, Wind….

Even we try to fishing same spot, but not always same result.

If you want to use soft plastic lure, you need couple of different weight jig head.

If condition are change we must choose right weight jig head.

Generally, I recommend one soft plastic lure need three different weight jig head.

I write down following information…

3 inch (76.2mm)

1/8oz  2/0  (0302)

1/6oz  2/0  (0307)

1/6oz  3/0  (0308)

4 inch (101.6mm)

1/6oz  2/0  (0307)

1/6oz  3/0  (0310)

1/6oz  4/0  (0340)

5 inch (127mm)

1/4oz  3/0  (0313)

1/4oz  4/0  (0341)

3/8oz  5/0  (0318)

6 inch (152.4mm)

3/8oz  5/0  (0318)

3/8oz  6/0  (0319)

1/2oz  7/0  (0328)

7 inch (177.8mm)

1/2oz  6/0  (0322)

1/2oz  7/0  (0328)``

3/4oz  8/0  (0331)

*This condition is inshore. If you go offshore, You must use more heavy weight jig head.

How to rig Soft plastic and Jig head


Step 1

Lay the jig hook along the soft plastic tail so that the top of the tail sits flush with the jig head.


Step 2

Make a mark or find a feature on the lure tail where the point of the jig hook should emerge after being pushed through. Precision here is vital.


Step 3

  Push the hook point through the head of the plastic, making sure it is right in the centre.



  Step 4

  Carefully thread the hook point through the middle of the soft plastic until the point is exactly beneath your mark on the tail.








  Step 5 

  When you are confident that the hook point will emerge in the right spot, push it through the plastic and bring the hook through after it.





  Step 6 

  Push the plastic tail back down along the jig hook until the top of the plastic slips up over the securing barb andnestles nicely against the lead head. Provided you have completed all steps neatly and precisely, the lure tail should be sitting   straight and on centre, with no bunching up or distortion of any kind along its entire length. 

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