Knot Tying

Uni Knot

uni_1Step 1: Pass plenty of line through eye, double back against main line and form a loop as shown.


uni_2Step 2: Wind tag end over doubled line and through loop five times (less wraps for heavy, more for light line).


uni_3Step 3: Moisten well, draw knot firm but not tight, by pulling tag end.


uni_4Step 4: Using fingers, slide knot down to the eye. Tighten and trim.

Perfection Loop

perfect_1Step 1: Do a loose overhand knot as shown, then pass line through eye of lure.


Step 2: Pass tag end back through the same side of the overhand knot it came out of, and across main line.

perfect_3Step 3: Place tag end, from the top, into the closest small loop formed, then over most recent line and under the other as shown.

perfect_4Step 4: Carefully close knot, moisten, tighten and trim tag

Spider Hitch


Step 1: Double plenty of line, then form a centre loop, allowing for a long loop end.


spider_2Step 2: Hold centre loop between finger and mid-thumb as shown.


spider_3Step 3: Wrap loop end over front of thumb and behind centre loop next to union of thumb and finger.


spider_4Step 4: Continue wrapping, a total of five times, then pass remainder of loop end through centre loop. Slowly pull loop end away until all five turns have unwound off thumb.


spider_5Step 5: Holding both double lines on each side of knot, draw up firm making sure no loose loops form, then pull main line and tag alternately while holding loop end. Trim tag.


polomar_1Step 1: Pass plenty of doubled line through eye.


polamar_2Step 2: Form an overhand knot on doubled main line, but dont tighten, letting the hook or swivel hang freely.




Step 3: Pass hook end completely over hook or swivel and hold main line and tag end together and pull up.


polomar_4Step 4: Moisten, tighten and trim.

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