Jewfish On The Moon

Comith the moon comith the jewfish! It is a well known fact that on a full moon jewfish become more active, so when are the best times to target them?

These fish will feed at night probably more active than in the day. So look at your tides, this is the big factor, a tide change whether it is on the high of the low where the tide stands still for a period of time is when you have the best chance. At night baits are your best option, fish strips, live mullet or herring or fresh squid whether alive or dead. These baits will also work well thru the day but for those who like lures deep jigging with sofr plastics becomes an option. Areas to target these fish are out around the leeds, down south around the Three Mile out from Pera, the mouth of the Pine or under the Mission River Bridge and by the way while you target these fish it is likely you will encounter some thumping fingermark.

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