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Comith the moon comith the jewfish! It is a well known fact that on a full moon jewfish become more active, so when are the best times to target them?

These fish will feed at night probably more active than in the day. So look at your tides, this is the big factor, a tide change whether it is on the high of the low where the tide stands still for a period of time is when you have the best chance. At night baits are your best option, fish strips, live mullet or herring or fresh squid whether alive or dead. These baits will also work well thru the day but for those who like lures deep jigging with sofr plastics becomes an option. Areas to target these fish are out around the leeds, down south around the Three Mile out from Pera, the mouth of the Pine or under the Mission River Bridge and by the way while you target these fish it is likely you will encounter some thumping fingermark.

- Darren



Yes barra season has now ended for another year and lets hope for a big wet to lead into next year.

However ther were some good captures in the last week, reports did come in of a few fish being found over the metre mark as well as many smaller fish. Most of the local rivers are producing with the Wenlock being probably the best of them.

So what now to chase???

Well offshore there has been plenty of mackeral on offer for those who wish to go a little wider, while tuna are starting to show in greater numbers which are great fun for those who like to cast a lure at passing schools.

For those who like to put a bit of food on the table the slightly deeper reefs are providing some nice trout, emperor and tusk fish.

- Darren



It is on again the annual Weipa Billfish Tournament this coming weekend 1st , 2nd & 3rd October. Already it is shaping up to be a hottly contested competition with several  boat crews venturing out wide to find where the billfish are. Reports comeing in are of good numbers of sail fish with a few black marlin being raised or captured. On any one day some boats have tagged several  fish  whilst raising many others, while on other days you may have to work hard to raise a fish but that is the thrill of hinting a billfish! Good luck to all.

While persuing billfish you are likely to encounter by catch in the form of spanish mackeral which at present are quite prolific along with long tail tuna or cbia, these are also game fish however they may be annoying, destroying baits designed for bill fis. They some times can be a welcome by catch when things are quiet. For any further information about this tournament or chasing bill fish come in and see us at Tackleworld.

- Darren

Barra on the move

Reports are comeing in thick and fast of captures of barra in all sorts of places and areas, around the Mission River Brideg is one such place both of a day or night. Diving lures here of a day or live baits while of a night surface lure, popper or soft plastic prawns especially those which may glow in the dark.

Further up the Mission, Hey, Embley or over the Pine and Nominade will see these fish move on the tidal changes, the greater the run the more fun. These are not the only estuary fish that are liking the conditions, you can be sure where there is  barra there will be salmon both threadfin or blues, with jacks, fingermark and queenfish making up the bulk of the captures.

Over the next month all of us here at Tackleworld would love to see photos of any barra captures so please bring them into us so we can share them with others.

- Darren

Great Weather, Great Fishing

Calm conditions with flat seas has allowed anglers to travel far and wide for all sorts of fishing.

One such area has been over or around Duyfken where the reefs have produced some good catches. Most species were on offer with coral trout, tusk fish, emperor and finger mark  dominating. Tuna are also showing again in numbers where anglers can cast surface lures for some exciting visual action. Under the tuna keep an eye on your fish finders as there is grey mackeral following the tuna providing good jigging action. Not only have the greys turned up there is plenty of spanyards out wide along with the sail fish and black marlin. One report that came in was of an epic battle with a sizeable marlin estimated at 60 – 70 Kg tagged and released on light tackle.

This good weather has the rivers and estuaries heated up where the water temps have risen a few degrees and with this the fiash are again starting to gain momentum especially the barra. There is good reports of them starting to take lures more readily with up to 20 – 30 fish hooked in a session although at present not overly large, hopefully the big ones are not far away.

Remember we are looking to publish your fathers day happy snaps fishing photos so if you have some sned them into us here at Tackleworld and tell us about your day out.

- Darren

Guess what, it is fathers day

Yes it is that time of year where all you kids get the chance to do something special for all the dads and what better than to take dad fishing. With some great weather in recent times hopefully this will continue for the day and you will have some great stories to share, so where should you look to take him.

For those who wish to go offshore there is blue water angling on offer with bill fish out wide along with mackeral, cobia and tuna. If it is table fare you are after the reefs are again starting to produce a few nice fingermark, tusk fish, cod and the odd jewfish.

In the creeks the water is finally starting to warm and with this the barra are starting to move, there has been reports of fish from 70 -90 cm being taken on lures of a night under Mission River bridge while they are also starting to chew further up the system as are some very nice jacks and finger mark,

In conjunction with fathers day Tackleworld is providing a week of fathers day specials on offer where you could win for dad  a gift pack, all we want from you to win one is some photos of you with dad out fishng on fathers day. Bring your photos in to us at Tackleworld where those pics will feature in next weeks fishing article. So get out there, take dad fishing, bring us some pics and stories and have a great fun day.

- Darren


Well as suggested last week there may be some billfish starting to show and yes that is exactly what happened. Several boats from the Weipa Gamefishing Club ventured out wide with the good weather that occurred last week and at last reports up to ten sail fish have been tagged and released, so for those who like to target billfish that is a great result.

On the other forms of angling the weather is definitely heating up as spring arrives where already the estuaries are showing signs of improving although water temps are still down  they are not as low as last year so hopefully things will pick up early and we should see some exciting fishing in the near future.

- Darren

It is getting closer to the time of year where the bill fish start to appear.

Offshore the water seems to have rolled over and cleared up which is all looking good for those who want to chase them, I believe some have already been out wide looking for them so let us know if you find any action and remember the Billfish Comp is comeing up soon.

With this clearer water mackeral are also showing their presence out from Boyds Bay, Westminster and around the Chanel markers. While around the markers try some jigging  or dropping some baits down and hang on as there has been some very large giant trevally hanging around them.

For those who wish to fish the estuaries there has been a bit of activity around the mission bridge, queenfish, salmon, grunter with the odd barra are all on offer but be wary of sharks and Bauxite Bill the croc, as one angler discovered recently having captured a reasonable sized shark brining it to the boat only to have Bill come up and take it from him, hairy stuff I believe.

Will Nancarrows photo featured this week, so come in and receive your gift pack Will.

Haven’t had many photos of late folks, so we would appreciate some input, send your pics to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

- Darren


Well folks, we haven’t had many people come in lately with many exciting stories or fishing tales, this may be due to a little bit of the foul weather we have been experiencing and the offshore swells, so we would really like your input and especially your photos.

One thing of interest that has been brought to our attention recently especially up at Pennefather is it is that time of year that the turtles are nesting and hatching. Some locals have already been experiencing this activity by spending the nights roaming the beach with their cameras or videos obtaining some interesting footage.

Another report that has come into us at recent times is the freshwater activity up on the Wenlock River, where some reasonable saratoga, very big archer fish and some solid sooty grunter are providing some fun angling. However late in the day towards evening or first thing in the morning is when you will get the best bite time.

Offshore fishng has been effected by the weather in recent times, although when you strike a good day you may be able to enjoy some pelagic action, there are a few more mackeral starting to congregate out around the leeds, also out at Westminster and down around Boyds Bay. Other species like cobia, queenfish and tuna are also making their presence felt however be prepared to troll or move around a lot to find where they may be concentrated and of course look out for those eyes in the sky and follow the birds.

- Darren

The past week has provided its challenges, with some good weather early on anglers were able to get offhsore and with some favourable tides be able to take advantage of some good sportsfishing  as well ass fishing the reefs. For those who like to chase pelagics queenfish, mackeral, cobia, tuna and trevally are all there to be found, while for those who wish for a feed of tasty reef fish, tusk fish were high on the agenda and accompanying  them were a few nice trout, emperors, cod, although the fingermark are proving a little elusive. When the weather turned foul most anglers sought the shelter of the estuaries where you can always hide from the elements. Even though these are toug times to fish the rivers and creeks, with a little persistance, anglers are being rewarded with the odd good barra, fingermark or mangrove jack and if you are after a good feed of tasty fish target the shell grit areas where the grunter are seemingly increasing in numbers.

- Darren

Over the last week we have had a lot of reports from anglers, both locals and visitors, enjoying some excellent reef fishing. Out around Westminster there has been some very nice coral trout these fish have been takeing deep diving lures on the troll, baits on the bottom and quite often a soft plastic jigged around. Here too visitors to the area with smaller boats are able to access these reefs and are comeing up with some nice bags of tusk fish, a few grassy emperor, the odd fingermark and some very big cod. Those that can travel further afield and go south down towards Boyds Bay or Red Cliffs where the various reef complexes are, are encountering more consistant catches. Even though these areas are fishing well for reef fish the pelagics like tuna, queenfish, mackeral or cobia are also making their presence felt and are another target for when anglers have had enough of the reef fish.

Even though the offshore is fishing very well, there are still some excellent fish to be found in the estuaries like Isaias Penderson with his lovely threadfin salmon. Iasais, please come in and collect your gift pack, you too David Ludbrooke for sending the pic of the nice tusk fish. Keep those pics comeing in everyone.

- Darren

It is that time of year were the touring visitors are at their peak, the camping ground is full and they are looking for activities to do. Yes there is the obvious where they can book a charter go fishing as well as experience our wonderful water ways and wildlife.  Other options are to use Weipa as a base to travel around to experience the surrounding area. Areas like Pennefather which has beautiful beaches leading down to a beatiful estuary system which offers both fishing and crabbing. Another such area to offer the same attractions is Marpoon where the Wenlock River meets the ocean or travel south along the coast to the spectacular Janie Creek. Travelling inland to Stones Crossing you can find freshwater species like saratoga, sooty grunter or barra in some of the picturesque country the cape has to offer. So to all the visitors or locals go exploring and bring us in some photos of your experiences.

- Darren

Some good tides over the past week have seen several anglers patrolling the flats in the Mission River and its surrounds. On the very high tides they have discovered quite a lot of small to mid-range barra only too willing to have a crack at a lure, run off drains small creeks and the rocky outcrops are areas in which you can concentrate your efforts for these fish. The run off drains along the mud flats are also producing some excellent blue salmon along with those ever present Queenfish and in the deeper water grunter are also taking a liking to a well presented soft bait such as a mullet strip or a peeled prawn. Further up the rivers in some of the deeper holes there has been some quality fingermark, some mangrove jacks and cod being taken and I believe the reports comeing in too there are also some chunky mud crabs making their way into the pots although be prepared to check pots regularly as there is some cheeky little crocs wishing to play with them.

Offshore when the conditions allow those tuna schools have re-appeared down south towards Boyds Bay and mixing with them have been some reasonable mackeral, Queenfish and with the manta rays starting to show be assured the cobia will be following close by. Most of the tuna can be targeted by following the schools and sight casting to them, whereas the other species have been more predominant on the troll. On the bottom around the reefy areas there is still some excellent captures to be made with more recent reports of some good quality red emperor, plenty of tusk fish, quite a few fingermark and the odd excellent coral trout. The trout have also been taking a liking to some deep diving lures trolled across the reefy areas.

Congratulations to Naomi on sending in your photo of your Queenfish, you gift pack awaits you at Tackleworld and just a reminder to everyone we want your photos and they don’t necessarily have to be just of fish.

- Darren

Over the past week there has been some ordinary weather with strong winds and reasonable ground swells offshore however when the window shows itself for some reasonable weather there is some excellent reef fishing out there to be had, as the photos show. These red emperor are usually an occasional catch however are showing more frequently in recent times. Mixing in with them have been some reasonable fingermark quite a few tusk fish and a few good coral trout. Manta rays have also been showing along the coast in recent time which is a nice sight to see as they have been fairly absent this season, with them of course comes cobia shadowing them and maybe some golden trevally, get up close and you are likely to see these fish where an angler can present a lure or fly often resulting in an immediate hook up. Tuna schools have somewhat decreased in the past week, this may be due to the ground swell and the reports filtering back in have been of them increasing again in numbers as the swell subsides.

Back in shore in the creeks and estuaries with holiday season upon us the tourists have especially been experiencing some reasonable fishing and crabbing. The Mission River is providing the better area for both of these and is seemingly producing the bigger barra, quite a few threadfin and blue salmon along with, what a lot visitors like to chase, the grunter.

Congratulations this week to Tanya Borg with a beautiful red emperor, she wins a gift pack from Tackleworld and for other readers out there we want your photos, so please drop them into us at Tackleworld.

- Darren 

Another week of mixed weather has dictated as to where anglers have been fishing. Unseasonable rain showers are showing their eefect for places like the Wenlock. Find any of the runoff drains especially up towards the fresh and you are likely to encounter some barramundi. There are reporst of some decent jewfish been taken also from the Wenlock along with some nice mangrove jacks, fingermark or grunte, while this is also an area you can look to target some crabs.

Offshore along the channel markers of the inshore reefs large queenfish have turned up in numbers providing plenty of action. Find the schools on the sounder then drop down some soft plastics like the zman fish profile and more often than not they wont make the bottom. Those ever present schools of tuna are seemingly all through the bay and at times inside the harbour.

- Darren


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