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XT Tavia 7225 Rod

I have been using this rod on flathead, small pinky snapper, estuary perch and bream to name a few, using a range of lures such as soft plastics, vibes and hard body lures. The main of our testing has been with lures and found the rod would make a great bait rod especially for whiting. It casts effortlessly and has a nice soft action (great if you don't like wearing your arms out) however can still shoot a 1/6oz jighead a good 40m. I have fished with the rod out of a kayak and from the bank and find it comfortable for both, therefore highly recommend the Tavia for anyone interested in light sports fishing.


Brendan Solby, Morwell QLD

 Strada “Zeida” stickbait lure

A floating surface lure with a walk the dog action that is irresistible to surface feeding inshore species. At 85mm long it is a great size for creek fish such as barramundi, mangrove jacks, tarpon, queenfish and trevally. An easy lure to work, with a zig-zagging action on the surface imitating a fleeing or wounded baitfish which draws exciting visual strikes making for very exciting fishing. Including an internal rattle for added attraction and coming in six fishermen designed colours the Strada Zieda is sure to have a spot in any anglers tackle box. Try one today.



Jack Reid, Townsville QLD



YGK Nitlon DFC Leader

YGK Nitlon DFC is 100% fluorocarbon, made clear and hard for maximum abrasion resistance, durability and invisibility underwater. Fluorocarbon is far more dense than nylon, making for superior abrasion resistance, and has an index of refraction very close to that of water, meaning it's near on impossible for finicky fish to see your line or leader. Nitlon DFC is equally suitable for both main line and leader. Nitlon DFC is the first choice used by many light tackle fisherman when fishing tight around snags or structure, the high abrasion resistance also makes the heavier Nitlon DFC'S (20 - 30lb) perfect to use when fishing reefy or coral areas. Nitlon DFC comes in 100m spools and available from 3lb - 20lb, and then the 25lb and 30lb are on 70m spools. Nitlon DFC is a very high quality fluorocarbon that is made in Japan and has proven deadly on all manner of species from Bream and Barra through to Pink Snapper and Mackerel.


Lloyd Lyons - Geraldton WA

Strada “QUIKA” hard body lure
I have just tested the new Quika hard body lure the latest release from “STRADA”.
Let me just say they work sensationaly nailing a modest 750 gram bream on the first swim (see picture below).
To make things fair I made sure that Rohan from Castaway Estuary Chartes was fishing with the ever popular Jackall Chubby and guess what it out fished it!!


The new Strada Quika is an awsome bream lure and comes in a great range of colours for all conditions

Lure WEIGHT: 5.7G


Brent Handcock, Port Stephens NSW


Strada “ELOY” hard body lure

The New range of Strada Lures arived in store & to say I was excited was a little understatement, unpacking them the little Strada Eloy at 75mm long (just a perfect baitfish size) caught my eye, there are some awesome colours in the range, but the Chartruse one was the pick, as the water colour is still abit dirty after the recent flooding. So down to the local Elliot River and the swimming action of the Eloy was sweet with a tight shimmy action, I thought to myself  this lure is sure to catch fish & soon to follow were some nice Flathead to 62cm & a nice Gold Spot Cod at 44cm what a great little session on the new Strada Eloy lure. I used a cast & retreive method with a slow steady retreive with a short sharpe twitch just to give it that bit of extra action, but the lure will catch fish just on a straight slow wind. All in all i love the Strada Eloy.  




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