Q & A
How do I cast net?

When you come into the store to purchase your castnet, we’ll happily show you our simple method for the best results.

Is there a particular combo I should use for Barra?

For lurecasting; Your Favourite of either a Spin or Baitcast combo that's light enough to be cast single handed and accurately, but strong enough for at least 20 lb braid.

 For bait fishing; The best option is a baitrunner reel, to allow the fish freedom to swallow the bait well.



What bait should I use in Weipa?

Our Tackleworld carries a complete range of Freshly packed Frozen Bait. Our free Mud map gives a range of hints on Locations and Bait choices for the different fish species available In Weipa. Grab a castnet in store and catch yourself the best livebait or fresh baits, from the many boat or shore based options we suggest.

A great place to fish?

We have a great topo maps, charts and map books in store. As well as a free mud map with hints and suggested spots.


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